Trademarks exist to distinguish the goods or services of one company from those of other companies.

National Mark

Filed at the Portuguese INPI, the protection granted by this registration is limited to the Portuguese territory.

European Union Trade Mark

Filed at the EUIPO (in Alicante, Spain) a European Union Trade Mark application covers and is protected in all European Union member States.

International Marks

Filed at WIPO (in Geneva, Switzerland) using the Madrid System, allows, through a single application, to protect the mark in more than 100 countries or jurisdictions.

Foreign Marks

Filed directly in countries or foreign jurisdictions through local correspondents.


The Logotype is a peculiar intellectual property right, different from marks, that was introduced by the Intellectual Property Code of 1995.
The Logotype doesn't cover any class of goods and services. It is a sign, word, word and design, or only design, that is appropriate to distinguish an entity that provides services or commercializes products. It can be used, for instance, in places of business, advertising, forms, correspondence, stores or establishments.
In 2008, when the Portuguese Industrial Property Code was revised, the Logotype incorporated the legal forms Name of Establishment and Insignia of Establishment, both of which were extinct.