Other Services

Domain Names

Registration, maintenance, management and administration of the client's portfolio of generic (.com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, etc.) and territorial (.pt, .eu, .es, .fr, .mo, etc.) domain names.

Search for prior rights

Research in national, international and community databases to assess the chances of success of a new registration request. 


Monitoring of Industrial Property (IP) rights in Portugal and abroad to detect new applications for registration of IP rights that may conflict with customers' rights. 

Technical Translations

Technical translators, internal and external, specialized in the most relevant areas, with special attention to the area of Patents.

Trademark communication at the National Register of Legal Entities (RNPC)

The communication of trademark registrations at the National Register of Legal Entities (RNPC) is highly recommended, avoiding the admission of corporate names or firms that include the same or very similar expressions for the same area of activity. 


Registration of works with the General Inspection of Cultural Activities in order to facilitate the determination of the date of creation of a work, its authorship and ownership. 


Requests for customs intervention with the Tax and Customs Authority for the protection of rights, and acting, together with the authorities, in the fight against counterfeiting. 

Innovating and not protecting is a cost, but innovating, while protecting, is an investment.