Patents, if granted, provide an exclusive right of exploitation of an invention in a particular jurisdiction and for a limited period of time.

National Patent

Filed at the Portuguese INPI, the protection granted by this registration is limited to the Portuguese territory.

European Patent

Filed at the European Patent Office (EPO), it can be validated in 38 countries which are currently part of the European Patent Convention.

Foreign Patents

Filed directly in countries or foreign jurisdictions through local correspondents

Pct Patents

Filed at WIPO (in Geneva, Switzerland) using the PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) allows, through a single process, the protection of a patent in 148 countries or jurisdictions.

Utility Model

Not as demanding as patents new inventions can also be protected that require an inventive step and are capable of industrial application.
Aimed at protecting inventions by a more rapid and simplified administrative procedure than Patents. The exclusive right that arises from the registration of a Utility Model has a smaller validity compared to a Patent.

Supplementary Protection Certificate

The Supplementary Protection Certificate (SPC) is an industrial property right that extends, for a maximum period of five years, the protection granted by a patent-base for a given drug or plant protection product, provided that such medicine or plant protection product is protected by the patent-base defined and grants the same protection that the Patent, but only to the product identified in the of the Authorization of Introduction in the Market (AIM).

Provisional Patent Application

The provisional patent application is a way to ensure the priority of a Patent application to whom does not yet have all the elements to file a complete Application. To this end the Portuguese Law has created a simplified procedure, by simply filing one document in Portuguese or English, that describes the subject of the application to allow the implementation of the invention by any skilled person.
The provisional Patent application shall be converted into a definitive Patent application within the period of a year counted from the date of filing.