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The Dias Costa Office was born in August 1929, on the exact day that José Eduardo Dias Costa, an engineer and former Military School pupil, was appointed an Official Patent and Trademark Attorney for that purpose by the Director-General of Trade, having sat the public entrance examination. The new Attorney's office was located on the ground floor of 16, Rua Miguel Lupi in Lisbon, which is today - 2015 - the registered office of J. E. DIAS COSTA, LDA., the business's direct and natural descendent. The business grew steadily, right from the start, despite the tremendous international economic crisis of the thirties.

The fact that José Eduardo Dias Costa had been the first Industrial Chemical Engineer to graduate from Lisbon's Higher Technical Institute, and with very good marks, placed him in a privileged position from the start in relation to the Portuguese and foreign chemical and pharmaceutical laboratories which entrusted him with the protection and management of their patents and trademarks.

In 1940 two employees joined the Dias Costa Office who were to remain for many years and play a major part in establishing the firm's position. Alejandro Jaime Carbonell Pico, a former banker with a very good humanist education, was Spanish but had grown up in Portugal. He spoke Portuguese, Spanish, Catalan, French, English and Italian fluently. Luís Bastos Saluce de Sampaio, the Founder's stepson, was a lawyer and bank employee, specialising in tax law. He began to apply his legal experience to Industrial Property Law, with which, for obvious family reasons, he had always had a close link.

In August 1957 the Dias Costa Office, which was in effect the private practice of the Official Industrial Property Attorney José Eduardo Dias Costa, was restructured and incorporated as a private company called J. E DIAS COSTA, LDA., which meant the firm could naturally continue its growing business until today.

The original shareholders were the Founder, José Eduardo Dias Costa, Luís Saluce de Sampaio, Alejandro Jaime Carbonell Pico and Maria Alexandra Carbonell Pico, a renowned linguist. Over time other people joined this new phase of an established business, namely, Eduardo Pimentel Maldonado Pellen and António Assunção Ribeiro, both engineers and Jorge Van-Zeller Garin.

In the sixties, and due to the early departure of Luís Bastos Saluce de Sampaio, the two brothers António Luís and José Eduardo de Sampaio assumed the leadership and the destinies of the company, bringing it with success and leadership until today.

Currently the Official Industrial Property Attorneys employed by the Dias Costa Office are: José E. de Sampaio, Isabel Carvalho Franco, Cristina Carvalho, Ana de Sampaio, Gonçalo de Sampaio and Lourenço de Sampaio. The Dias Costa Office has tracked with great interest the moves to harmonise European legislation on Industrial Property and the drawing up of new legal frameworks, first in the European Economic Community and then in the European Union. As a result all the above Attorneys are recognised as Official European Agents by the EUIPO in Alicante (European Union Trademarks and Designs or Models), and the first two are also recognised by European Patent Office in Munich (European Patent). Naturally the Dias Costa Office employs a multidisciplinary team of professionals, duly certified as Agents by the appropriate European Union bodies.

Since its foundation the Dias Costa Office has built up the knowledge and experience of four generations who to this day successfully carry on the tradition of the Founder, which explains why large multinationals have, continuously for over more than fifty years, relied on the specialist services of this venerated yet modern Portuguese institution.